Tips to Keep Your Indoor Plants Thriving

Indoor plants really bring about a different vibe and aesthetic feel to your home or office desk, and are probably the best housewarming gifts out there! However, what is relatively unknown about indoor plants is that they are also really beneficial for your health and mental wellbeing as well. This is because like other plants, they also absorb harmful toxins such as carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, enabling cleaner and fresher air for us to breathe; basically acting as air purifiers.

They also have the ability to elevate your mood and provide a stress-free environment by reducing anxiety levels. Along with that, indoor plants help balance the temperature by decreasing humidity.

Now before you head out to purchase your own plant for your newly rented place at seni mont kiara for rent, pantai hillpark bangsar sale, and g residence kuala lumpur property for rent, there are a few things to remember as indoor plants can be tricky to take care of. Read on to discover a few tips to keep them thriving.

It is common knowledge that sunlight is essential for the survival of plants, or any living organism for that matter. However, it pays to do your research and figure out how much sunlight your indoor plant requires. This is because although each plant requires light, the amount, duration and intensity varies for each type of plant. While some thrive in shade such as snake plants, a few need direct sunlight including cactuses, and others need to be rotated frequently so that sunlight reaches all of its sides, such as fig trees. After you’ve done your research you will also be able to decide the ideal spot to place your indoor plant, such as near a window for bright light, or on a desk etc.

Again, every plant needs to be watered. However, there is such a thing as too much water for some plants. A few plants such as succulents are known to thrive on very little water. Ideally, you should wait for the soil to dry out a bit, before watering to make it moist again. You can also check the soil occasionally to see if its too dry, and thus also figure out the optimum time to water your plant. Although you should make sure that water reaches the soil, it’s not a good idea to completely drench your plant.

Eggshells & Coffee Filters
Use eggshells as an alternative to plant fertilizer, by boiling as many as 20 of them with a gallon of hot water and storing them in a container for up to 8 hours at least. This will provide your plants with the necessary nutrients such as calcium and potassium. Along with supplying organic food, eggshell fertilizer will also boost it’s growth.

You can also use coffee filters to help secure the soil, while simultaneously stopping the excess water from seeping through, so you do not have to worry about creating a mess. The filter will also keep the soil moist, till the next time you water your plants. If you want to look for g residence kl property for sale, pantai hillpark for sale or seni mont kiara kuala lumpur for sale, then you better look for those that have all the above requirements.

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