SEO Tips For Writers

If you are a writer and have been doing writing jobs for quite some time, you must have realized that with the presence of websites there are more requirements to have on your writings. Your content will need to be SEO-friendly and there are some ways to conform to this requirement. SEO Malaysia notices that not all writers, especially copywriters/content writers understand what are needed to ensure the content support search engine optimization. In order to educate writers around the world, SEO Malaysia happily shares these tips:

  • Know your audience behaviour

Before you write, research the target audience, their demographics, likes and dislikes. This would help your writing to be more easily digested for the readers. For example, if your audience would be teens, you can use more casual tones and simple vocabulary. In terms of SEO, get to know what keywords do your audience use to find your content. Furthermore, schedule your publication during prime time such as lunch time or after office hours.

  • Utilize headlines

Organic search sees your headlines, so it is important that you use at least one main phrase of your article in your headline. Try to stick around 70 characters in your headline and customize your permalink to contain short phrase of your story. This would ensure your article would appear in search engine result.

  • Level up your content

Search engines would want high quality content to be on their top pages. This of course to provide high quality information to the people who search for it. Writers need to write richer content in order for the content to appear on search engine result. Few important tips would be to consider embedding multimedia, do more proof read, and to keep the content as relevant as possible.

  • Links, links, links

It is important to use links on your articles to refer to statistics or infographics to inform your readers about the facts. You should also use internal links to refer to your published contents. Keep it mind, before you embed the links, check whether the links are working or not. People hate broken links, and therefore would put negative value on your reputation.

Those are some tips for writers in order to create SEO-friendly content. It is important for writers not only to have great technique, but also to know how to make the contents easily accessible.

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